Monday, July 13, 2009

Plans of vengeance

A camera drone floats near Vaden. He is recording plans for...something. A holo display on his desk displays an Amarrian couple. Vaden makes small notes concerning tactical reconfiguration of his dreadnought. Shortly, the door to his chamber opens silently, and Ilias Obelar, his squadron commander for his Templar wing enters. Vaden quickly deactivates the holo of the Amarrian couple, turning his attention to Ilias.

"Commander Khale, I understand you wanted to see me?"

Yes, Ilias, I have a very important job for you. One that I presently can not undertake, but can only trust to a few people. You're one of them. I have recently come into an...acquisition that I need you to take to Heaven for me.

"Heaven, sir?"

The constellation in Curse. The system of Hemin, to be precise. You will take the Interbus there, along with five of the best of your men. You will also have a package, two cubic meters in volume, approximately 500 kilograms mass. When you reach Hemin, you will be contacted by an agent of the Archangels, one that owes me a favor. Don't bother asking her name, I don't know it and she won't give it. She will take the package from you. You will need to wait approximately one week there. I have made arrangements for the Archangels to arrange room and board. Feel free to visit the Serpentis stations and take part in whatever recreation they have available. After one week's time, you will take the Interbus back here. You will have in your possession one prisoner. He is to remain in stasis for the duration of the trip. He must not be awakened. Return him to me, Ilias, and I'll pay you and your men triple your salary for a year. Not to mention that you will have a... seminal role in Sabikannen.

Ilias thinks for a moment, then slowly smiles and nods his head in agreement.

"Of course, sir. We'll make preparations at once. ...If you don't mind my asking sir, who is the prisoner?"

Vaden doesn't answer, he simply sips slowly from his wine glass, a glass made from the skull of Math'ra Hiede.

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