Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Coward's Way

Vaden sneers as he plays with the singed green metal scrap belonging to a once intact Gallente freighter. He twiddles it in his fingers, whistling an old Amarrian song. The Amarrian couple in the holo on his desk stare on in blissful ignorance.

Recorder on. What fools. To attempt such a task with an unwieldy ship in low security space. And your escorts? Those fools were barely able to out task the P
erseverance. They should be thankful I wasn't in the mood to take out the Black Heart, else they would have lost even more. As it was, Miss Elysa Darkheart, you may have escaped destruction at our hands, at least in the public records. But I know it was truly I that brought your doom. Most would be upset that all that remained were mere scraps, such as what I hold in my hand. But your control tower fetched a tidy sum. Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing your corpse. All in all, you should have done business. You shouldn't have taken the coward's way.

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