Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forgotten Opportunities

Vaden sits at his desk, his head propped on his arms as he stares at the holo of the Amarrian couple.

What did you think of me, at the end? Did you blame me? Did you blame the Empire? Does it matter? Are you even in a position to care right now?

The holo starts flickering, the telltale sign that his Archangel handler, a woman known only as 'Seraph,' was about to make an appearance.

Well, Mr. Khale, I trust your mission was successful?

The apparition apparently startled Vaden, as he jumps fearfully from his seat.

Stop the theatrics, Vaden. What did you learn?

Her question goes unanswered, as he simply says, "What?"

Losing patience, Seraph replaces her apparition with a star map similar to the one she showed Vaden previously.

Our on-board tracking computers pinpointed your location a few days ago. You didn't fail the Cartel, as I told them you wouldn't.
Now, tell me, what did you learn during your time in Jovian space?

Vaden stares, not comprehending, before finally letting out one soft spoken question.

Who are you?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Vaden lounges comfortably on board his Revelation, lazily sipping from a glass of wine. The holo of the Amarrian couple on his desk falters momentarily. Vaden quickly taps a button under his desk as the holo is suddenly replaced by the form of a woman, her face obscured. If her posture didn't belie her irritability, her tone certainly did.

Mr. Khale, what exactly do you think you're doing?

Chuckling absently as he continues sipping his wine, Vaden doesn't heed her irate voice, taking his time before forming a response.

I'm enjoying the luxuries my status as a capsuleer have afforded me. It's really quite nice, to relax once in a while, and a well earned one, I might say, after major campaigns in Omam and Bosboger.

Despite her apparition being a projection from a holo interface, the tap of her foot was still obvious, her impatience wearing thin.

Mr. Khale, you were not assigned to the Laconian Syndicate to idle on your ass. You were sent for a very specific job.

Vaden finally turns to face the holo, smirking slightly to his Archangel handler.

But, dear Seraph...How am I to know the best manner to perform in service to the Cartel if the Cartel doesn't tell me what they want me to do?

Seraph, not amused by Vaden's flippant attitude, disappears from the holo momentarily. Her visage is replaced by a starmap, the VVA-F4 region highlighted.

Do you know what this is, Mr. Khale?

Well, Seraph, it looks like a map.

Her voice, talking over the image, responds in shrill anger.

I am not talking about the map! I am talking about the fact that members of your organization, the organization that we placed you in as a sleeper and as an eye on their operations, was sent to uncharted space, space likely controlled by the Jovians, and you did not go with them!

Vaden sighs, perhaps having expected this call.

I tried to go. Leadership was tight lipped on the entire thing, and I was told my services would not be required for that mission. I'm not incompetent, Seraph...

The map disappears, the woman's figure replacing it. Her voice is much calmer, although it still belies some stress.

I know you're not incompetent. But I have superiors I have to answer to as well.

Vaden's voice adopts an almost concerned tone.

Archangel superiors...or Dominations?

It's none of your concern. what you can. Don't disappoint me. And always remember whom your loyalty belongs.

The holo cuts out momentarily, quickly replaced by the Amarrian couple. Vaden returns to sipping his wine, smirking as he taps the button under his desk.