Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forgotten Opportunities

Vaden sits at his desk, his head propped on his arms as he stares at the holo of the Amarrian couple.

What did you think of me, at the end? Did you blame me? Did you blame the Empire? Does it matter? Are you even in a position to care right now?

The holo starts flickering, the telltale sign that his Archangel handler, a woman known only as 'Seraph,' was about to make an appearance.

Well, Mr. Khale, I trust your mission was successful?

The apparition apparently startled Vaden, as he jumps fearfully from his seat.

Stop the theatrics, Vaden. What did you learn?

Her question goes unanswered, as he simply says, "What?"

Losing patience, Seraph replaces her apparition with a star map similar to the one she showed Vaden previously.

Our on-board tracking computers pinpointed your location a few days ago. You didn't fail the Cartel, as I told them you wouldn't.
Now, tell me, what did you learn during your time in Jovian space?

Vaden stares, not comprehending, before finally letting out one soft spoken question.

Who are you?

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