Monday, August 3, 2009

New Orders

Vaden sits solemnly aboard the Immolation, reviewing yet more personnel files and other corporate plans for Ghost Festival. The holo of the Amarrian couple on his desk stare silently at his work, an empty glass of wine set to the side. The holo of the couple flickers momentarily. Vaden glances at it, paying it little heed, until the holo is replaced by the figure of a woman, her face shrouded.

Captain Khale, how nice to see you again.

Vaden smiles as he recognizes the woman's voice.

Hello, Seraph. And what name shall I call you by today?

The woman laughs lightly for a moment.

Let's go with Katarina. I like the sound of that name today.

Vaden shakes his head, still smiling.

And what news from Curse?

The woman fakes a pout, adopting an insincere hurt tone.

Oh Vaden, you never call, you never write. What's a girl to think?

He sighs, understanding it's all part of her game, her way of warming him up before giving him bad news.

What now?

The holo is replaced with the corp logos of multiple pirate organizations. Beyond Divinity, Invicta, Neo Spartans...accompanied by corporate statistics and public records. The woman's voice continues over the display.

There are numerous reports of increased activity from some of the largest outlaw capsuleer corporations in the cluster. The machinations of capsuleers in null sec regions are easily understood and manipulated, but the psychology of outlaws such as these is much more difficult to manipulate. We could throw ISK at the problem, but the Dominations don't wish to spend that much when we have the much cheaper options of available sleeper agents. That's where you come in...

Vaden's smile disappears as he starts to understand what she's asking, replaced soon by anger and rage.

What are you telling me?!

The woman's shrouded figure reappears, her voice much sterner and not leaving any room for negotiation.

You are to join the Neo Spartans organization, ingratiate yourself there. If we ever see that your activation is required, you will be notified. Otherwise, consider yourself a fullfledged member of the Neo Spartans. Ghost Festival is behind you.

Vaden slams his fists on the desk, spilling the wine glass to the floor.

What of Inara?! What of Myrhial?! Or Vince, or Milo, or Mortis, or-

Captain Khale! This is not up for negotiation. You are the one that decided to serve us. Your personal feelings are not part of the equation. You can either do as you are told, and leave the Ghosts, or you can disobey our direct orders, and force us to have them expel you, or they can choose to keep you and lose our protection and blessing. The choice is yours.

The holo fades, replaced once again by the Amarrian couple. Vaden slams his fist once again into the desk. He holds his head in his hands, breathing heavily. He finally opens comms.

Myrhial, I need to speak to you. I'll meet you in the Skyhook.

Vaden sighs once as he opens up comms and submits his resignation from Ghost Festival to the Concord dock authorities.

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